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The Top 3 Best Tasting Cherry Tomatoes

April 09, 2010 - Linda Grasso

Sum2007_cherry_tomatoes  Cherry tomatoes are a must-have in my vegetable garden each year.  The burst of flavor in a ripe cherry is unparalleled and can turn even the most simple salad, pasta or quinoa dish into something smashing.  The other thing that's great about cherry tomatoes is that they're heat tolerant, so you can grow them in pots.  I often run out of room in my veggie garden, and it's nice to be able to put a few seedlings in strategically placed pots in my yard where there's at least 8 hours of sun.  In the heat of the summer, I have to water these pots every other day, but at least I'm able to enjoy their bountiful yield.

When I was at this year's annual Tomatomania in Encino, I got a chance to ask the traveling festival's organizer/supplier Scott Daigre what his 3 favorite cherries are.  The criteria was simple: taste.

                                                        Scott's Favorite Cherry Tomatoes

  • Sungold - These yellow-orange heirloom tomatoes are the perfect acid/sugar mix.  They will pop all summer long, and unlike some of the yellow pear shaped cherry tomatoes, they aren't mushy.  They have a wonderful firm consistency which makes them perfect for cooking or eating raw.
  • Jenny - This is another yellowish, gold cherry heirloom.  This variety has a delicious, distinct flavor. Gardeners really love this variety and, indeed, at Tomatomania, it was among the first to sell out.
  • Gardener's Delight - Unlike Sungold and Jenny, this is a hybrid cherry tomato.  The difference between hybrid and heirloom, by the way, is that heirloom tomatoes are from seed - often handed down from generation to generation.  Hybrid tomatoes are more common and they can't be grown from seed. What does this mean for flavor?  Not much, apparently.  Scott calls this variety his favorite cherry.  It's an early bloomer - meaning it will start producing fruit within 70 or so days, it has hearty trusses that can take the heat and are disease resistant and it has an  "outstanding" taste.


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