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Get Inspired by Top LA Fashionistas to Go Glam! Great Holiday & New Year's Outfits

December 18, 2010 - Linda Grasso

IMG_0682 I recently went to a party a the Four Seasons Beverly Hills and it got my juices flowing about uber chic evening wear. The party was sponsored by the shop Intermix - and guests included a smathering of LA's most hip fashionistas.

If you go into your closet and are overwhelmed by that all too familiar frustrating feeling - I've got nothing to wear - think of these gals and get inspired!  You probably have some of this stuff already in your closet - you just need a reminder to bring it out.  Or maybe you have to run and get one item to pull it all together.  Easy enough - right?

  IMG_0683 IMG_0684

Three outfits in particular caught my eye that night - all were worn by the Intermix executives pictured at the top.  The fourth outfit I'll gab about was an actual "winner" - the recipient of a gift certificate Intermix awarded to the best dressed woman of the evening.  

The gal above wore my favorite outfit.  In fact, it made rethink the whole shorts thing.  I used to think shorts during winter???  But her Theory brocade bottoms really work.  And the Jimmy Choo shoes?  Wow, wish I had an extra $950!  The super thin, cropped ivory leather jacket is by Veda ($650).


This lady on the left is wearing a feather skirted dress by Haute Hippee.  It retails at Intermix for $985.  The bodice is super sexy with a taupe background and black lace on top.  

Her hair pulled back is a nice touch as it shows off her rockin' earrings - so much like what I saw on the runways in Paris this fall.  Those dangling chandeliers add sparkle and festivity.

She also has on Jimmy Choo metallic shoes.  We won't bum you out with the price, again.









IMG_0689 The final Intermix gal - on the right -  is wearing a faux leopard jacket by Adrienne Landau - who really has a great line of outerwear this season.  Most have faux fur or some other fun kind of adornment on them and, like this one, are cropped to give them an updated look. That shorter length, with three quarter inch sleeves, is great for wearing with jeans, too.

She's got pencil leg, cropped brushed satin pants - and a sexy coppery gold strappy sandal.











IMG_0692 IMG_0694

Our final featured fashionista is perhaps the one I take my hat off for.  She really gets the blue ribbon for creativity.  This gal is a 23 year old aspiring LA stylist, named Emily Lano, who got the award at the party for best dressed.  She didn't shell out huge bucks for her ensemble, she just used her obvious skills as a forward thinking fashion lover. This alone will make her a killer stylist someday.  Emily is wearing a black t shirt she bought at American Apparel, Vince boyfriend jeans she got on sale at Nordstroms, and Sam Edelman rhinestone adorned pumps. 


She got her metallic bracelets from her friend, Danielle Premone, who designed them and sells them on The one in the center she bought from a vintage store in NYC.  It all works - and 

By the way, the Intermix loot tends to be pricey.  But do like I do. Get an idea and if it is terribly trendy or too expensive, shop it (I only spend real dough on classics and investment pieces). You'd be surprised what you can find at the discounters Forever 21 and H & M. 



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