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3 New Year's Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

January 06, 2011 - Julia Austin


I love New Year's Eve. It’s an excuse to wear sequin without looking like a flapper girl (or worse!). Then, there's the emotion. I always get a little teary-eyed watching the ball drop.  Finally, as a single gal, at midnight I can shamelessly grab the guy I’ve been eyeing all evening and lay a wet one on him.


 However, although, I’m all for time-tested traditions, I do have an issue with the holiday. There’s this mad rush to come up with some extraordinary, completely new way to improve your life. The reality is, if you hadn’t just naturally thought of making the change before, it’s probably not something you’re going to stick to.

So, instead of trying to come up with something astounding to say when everyone asks you about resolutions all this month, think back to the little changes you’ve already in the past year, tried and tested ones, that are known to bring on satisfaction. Here are some suggestions.

Shop In Your Own Closet

You were probably already forced at some point in 2010 to do so—maybe a last minute date or business dinner had you scrambling in front of your open closet doors saying “come on wardrobe, show me what you got” and you actually felt good with what you came up with!

 Create a challenge. Wear one new item from your wardrobe every day until the entire wardrobe has been worn up. Have a friend get in on the challenge—call her up each day and give each other a play by play on that vintage pleated skirt/ grandma’s cardigan/ snakeskin belt you thought you’d never wear. Send each other a picture text message to be sure no one is cheating. And pick a good friend so you KNOW she hasn’t worn that outfit in a while. If one of you falls short of the challenge one day, well that one owes you a drink (yes, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you’re going win this thing!).

 And, make someone else benefit from this little game. Every time you try on something that doesn’t fit or isn’t “you” anymore, put in in a box. When the box fills up, take it to Goodwill or donate it to your favorite charity.

 Use Up Your Phone Minutes

And buy more if you have to! The bottom line here is invest in people you truly love. We run around from appointments to business meetings -  for what? Essentially, we do it so that we can create stability in our lives to be able to enjoy relationships. Isn’t that why you work so hard to put a roof over your head and food on the table? Problem is, we can forget that those means are towards an end. The thing that is most important to us…we neglect.


I can’t count the number of times I have been in the middle of writing an article or driving to an appointment and FINALLY getting to listen to my new CD when….Ring Ring Ring! And it’s my mom/sister/childhood friend calling. And I Don’t. Want. To. Answer. It. But I do it -out of guilt - and end up being so happy I did. Just a ten-minute phone call with someone who I love and who loves me back makes me feel amazing. My confidence levels skyrocket and I bring so much more to that appointment/business meeting I was on my way to. The positive energy that phone call gave me is undeniable and contagious! I know it’s easy to get into the ME zone and silence that phone. But relationships take work - and that’s why the payoff feels so good! If your mom/sister/friend/dad is willing to keep up their end of the bargain to keep that constant source of love/ego-boosting/comfort flowing, so should you.


I know, this one was probably already on your list, but it’s important. Aside from the health benefits, exercise is great ME time. While I’m running/walking/doing sit-ups, I get a super warm feeling over the idea that I take time for myself. Do you ever just feel so sorry for yourself when you feel like you have done nothing for yourself in a long time? Avoid the pity party and exercise.

Exercise will put you in a better place to stay on track with the first two resolutions in this list—you’ll be a cheerier person and a joy to your friends and family AND you’ll be excited to try and slip back into those skinny jeans that you framed in a golden and back lit glass frame in your closet.

 Happy New Year! And, for that matter, Happy Every Day!




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Keeping fit and being financially wise is my new year's resolution every year. Thanks for those tips you shared.

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