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Slipping on Your New Years Resolution? Strategies to Stay on Track

January 23, 2011 - Elissa Goodman




As we approach the 4th week of the New Year are you finding your well-intentioned resolutions beginning to slip and fade away? Here are a couple of simple, but effective ways of keeping them on track:

  • Keep resolutions precise and reasonable
  • Write them down
  • Remind yourself of them each day

For example, instead of just "weight loss", start with a specific goal, a reasonable amount like 5 pounds. Then give yourself a reasonable amount of time, like one month. Write down a specific, measurable objective you want to achieve and your overall goals to help solidify them in your consciousness. If you want to lose 5 pounds over the next month, your written goal may sound like this: I replace one carbohydrate food with a vegetable dish everyday to weigh "X" amount of pounds at the end of this month, so I can look and feel more fit and energetic.

Repeat your affirmation at least 6 times a day — always in the morning and before you go to sleep at night — and throughout the rest of the day. And visualize yourself with the goal already achieved. Keep the goals and how you are going to achieve them at the forefront of your mind and achieve them one day at a time.

It's also very important to remember to be kind to yourself. Change is hard! And remember that one slip is not a reason for guilt. As we all know, time flies! Simply take a day at a time, and know that achieving your goals by the end of the month, can be a satisfying moment that's just around the corner.



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You have got some really good advice about staying on track but I don't if I will be able to keep affirming my resolutions six times a day, lol. There is got to be an easier way to keep reminding myself of it

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For my new year's resolution, I promised myself that I will get enough rest for the sake of my new healthy lifestyle.

My tip in losing weight or setting any other goals is to take these targets up a few notches, yet keeping in mind that they're important. This way, you might not reach your planned goal, but would still at the benchmark of your previous target.

For me, knowing the adverse effects of obesity will encourage people to change their habits. Obesity not only affects your self-perception but also affects potency.

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