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A Venice Spiritual Jeweler Converts A Skeptic

February 16, 2011 - Julia Austin

  Veronica Ladjili                                                                           Jeweler Veronica Ladjili

I’ve always been a believer in aspirin for a headache and a good vent session after a breakup. So, I really had to try to have an open mind when interviewing Veronica Ladjili, founder of Ladjili Jewelry—pieces made from gemstones with healing properties.

However, I quickly found  being open minded rather easy. It wasn't because golden rays of light burst from a stone the moment I put it on - but rather because of Veronica herself. There's something about knowing that this ultra-sweet and perceptive individual who hugged me upon arrival and offered me tea,  actually handmade the necklace that will fall over my heart.

She Sez #3 SheSez #2

So how did it all start for Veronica? You might say a mother always knows. Veronica's did.  But no matter how much her mother insisted she was meant to be a healer, Veronica resisted. And, even after two different Shaman told Veronica that her path was to heal people through the power of gemstones, she still wasn’t B-lining it to the bead store. Veronica explains, "I thought I was meant to be a teacher, and, in fact,  I was going to school to become one when a short-lived volunteer project made me reconsider."

 I was expecting Voodoo or rain dancing (still the skeptic) but it was volunteer work with the Hopi tribe. No shelves shook. No lights flickered. Veronica simply says, "The Hopis explained that art is meant to have the artist’s soul in it."

So, Veronica switched gears. While her mom gloated, she experienced some serious success. She had Henri Bendel as a client for some time, but the marriage wasn't made in heaven. She says, "I couldn’t give up the one-on-one time with her customers." That is what her process is all about, after all.

SheSez #4 Most of her customers come to Veronica, as she puts it, "basically for therapy." They tell her what’s going on in their lives, from heartbreaks to traumatic childhood experiences. After you pour your heart out on the table, Veronica pours some gemstones out next to it.

 I could hardly believe her story about a little girl who approached Veronica in the park while she was making jewelry. She told Veronica about her fears, about her family problems, and after the girl’s father saw his usually shy daughter opening up to someone for once, he invited Veronica over to their home. Veronica made the girl a necklace on the spot and assumed she would never actually go to this family’s home.

Days later, feuding with a boyfriend in the car, Veronica asked to be let out - and she was in a neighborhood she didn’t know.  She was shocked to discover the little girl from the party only to find the little girl  and her father sitting outside their house.

While feminists might wildly react to this, many of Veronica’s clients are women who need help speaking up for what they want. That could explain why one of the more popular stones is Aqua Marine. It’s meant to open up the throat and help you speak your truth.

If you’re trying to ward off negative Nancies or maybe that super needy ex who has been calling you recently, you might be drawn to Black Tourmaline. This one protects against negative energy.

 Some scented candles, maybe some red silk sheets and…a gym membership are apparently what I need right now. I was drawn instantly to a necklace holding stones that invigorate you physically and get you in touch with your sexuality.

Maybe my next stop on this computer should be

Although I was a little taken aback to learn why I reached for the chunky and colorful short necklace, I am excited to see if both my life in the bedroom and on the treadmill get a little easier.

If you’re not getting what you want out of your Xanax or your Martini (or if you just want something pretty and shiny), you can swap your liquid therapy for a more solid form on Saturdays at G2 Gallery at 1503 Abbott Kinney from 12:30 to 4:00 p.m., that’s where Veronica sets up shop. Or you can go to her website to check out her creations or inquire about a private healing gemstone consultation.





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Please checkout my blog. I have articles related to gemstone energies. How we can tap the energy world using gemstone.

Although I was a little taken aback to learn why I reached for the chunky and colorful short necklace, I am excited to see if both my life in the bedroom and on the treadmill get a little easier.

In all honesty, I don't think she was a true skeptic in the first place if she was willing to see a healer, Just the fact that she went means she must have thought there must be something in it. True skeptics wouldn't even entertain the idea.

The fact that she went with the idea means she must have thought there must be something in the design. The necklaces are still sold her online shop.

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