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In Season: Seedless Kishus....Get 'Em While You Can!

February 04, 2011 - Linda Grasso

Seedless Kishu Tangerines                                              Seedless Kishus from the Churchill Brenneis Orchard 

I bought some amazing tangerines at the Ojai Farmers' Market over the weekend.  I purchased Seedless Kishus from the Churchill Brenneis Orchard in the Ojai Valley.  These small babies, about the size of a Clementine, are tiny flavor bombs.  They're also very easy to peel, completely seedless and as one of the Orchard's owners puts it, "children prefer them to candy."  I put this glass bowl filled with the tangerines out on the kitchen center island Sunday and by Monday evening there were only four left.  My two sons and husband had devoured them. So how can you get your hands on some?

They're available in February in selected stores, by mail order and at the Ojai Farmers' Market. The stores that carry them are New Seasons in Portland, Monterey Market in Berkeley, Diablo Foods in Lafayette, Central Market in Texas and the Bi-Rite in San Francisco. 

If you aren't near one of those stores, you can order on Churchill's website  by clicking on "Order Fruit."


photo left: Jim Churchill, one of the owners

The orchard owners also have a booth at the Ojai Farmers' Market Sundays from 9am to 1pm.  Remember the harvest if complete in February, so if you want these fantastic fruits, don't wait!

Now, if you miss the kishus - there's more fab fruit from Churchill Orchards. Ojai Pixies come down the pike next. They'll be available from early March through May, and are much more widely distributed.  You will find the Pixies in upscale markets around the country, as well as at on Churchill's website and at numerous farmers' markets in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Jim Churchill, by the way, told me something interesting about citrus: mandarins and tangerines are one and the same.  Who knew?


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Seedless Kishus are only, in a very general way, related to clementines – they’re both in the family of fruit called tangerines.

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