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Book Lover Extravaganza in Beverly Hills

October 18, 2010 - Linda Grasso

Picture 2.preview If you love dishing about books or simply have a voracious love of reading, you might want to head to Beverly Hills this weekend. Dozens of notable authors, including Joyce Maynard, Dani Shaprio, Tatjana Soli, Gin Phillips and Aimee Bender, will be there discussing their works and various literary genres at the first annual Beverly Hills Literary Escape.   The event is being billed as a "one of a kind weekend opportunity to share private book club experiences with some of the most renowned authors of the past year."

There will also be food and wine, a meditation seminar with Sylvia Boorstein, a luncheon featuring Karen Essex and Ethan Canin discussing the new American Dream with a panel of authors. 

The event, which kicks off Friday evening, will be held at various locations in the heart of Beverly Hills including Gearys, the Peninsula Hotel, Spago's and the Paley Center for Media. 



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Slow Down Your Life, Rev Up Your Metabolism

September 21, 2010 - Elissa Goodman

51ZSMPXG0AL._SS500_ I just finished an amazing book called, "The Slow Down Diet" by Marc David, a nutritionist with a master’s degree in the psychology of eating. If you've been to Canyon Ranch, you might have seen his name.  He's been a leading nutrition expert there for years.  

David's book is about slowing down life to speed up metabolism. What he means by “slowing down” is becoming more aware: open, centered, present and balanced. The author says if you create this experience for yourself your mind, body and breath will naturally align in a synergistic state. The result?  You'll burn calories at an optimum rate. You'll digest and absorb nutrients at peak efficiency. Plus, you'll feel more alive, energized and abundant. And, if you add quality food choices to your new awareness, you’ll begin to create the kind of metabolism that deep down inside you were meant to have.

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